This office has missed a Playstation badly!

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Tuesdays is English only day at the Pendata office. Soon we will be doing Thai only days as well...

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CEO Tom is talking about companies that want to go paperless, but are they? And will it work?

There is little doubt that ‘going paperless’ delivers both positive environmental and business process / efficiency impacts. The often used ‘going paperless’ slogan, was coined some time around 1975, when a Business Week article predicted office based paper systems would be largely eliminated by the...

At Pendata we try to do things together when we are at the office, work together, have lunch together and sometimes drink beer together. We also try to get out of the office and work from wherever we want when it fits with what we are currently doing.

We also do monthly or so events where we plan something a little bit more special. This time I thought it was time to show them my greatest hobby here in Bangkok. I wasn't all sure they would all like it, but I feel it turned ...into an absolutely fantastic day!

Fitness, fun and team bonding, couldn't it be better. Also, what most companies forget, the most important investment in a company is your employees.


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Sabai sabai Friday at Pendata office.

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Pendata added 3 new photos — with Gustaf Byström and 3 others at Hua Hin Train Station.

Pendata on tour!

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We have attended a few of the AWS events here in Bangkok before. and…/aws-executive-insights-scu-innovatio…/

On Sunday the whole team is traveling to Kuala Lumpur to attend one of the AWS Summits hosted there.


Where are taking the train from Bangkok to Malaysia to make it a bit different and hopefully more fun.

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SCB Innovation Center ได้มีโอกาสต้อนรับ Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer ในงานสัมมนาพิเศษ หัวข้อ Digital Enterprise and Thai Start-ups ...

Tom continues to write interesting updates around everything that happens with Anoto these days.

In 2000, ALMAR LATOUR Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal ran a short Technology piece, on emerging Bluetooth enabled devices. Amongst the products featured, was the brand new Anoto digital pen: Magic? No, it’s the Anoto, a new pen that automatically synchronizes everything it writes and can s…

We wrote about integrating digital pens into existing workflow. We can create custom solutions that will work seamless with the software you use today!

‪#‎anoto‬ ‪#‎digitalwriting‬ ‪#‎digitalpens‬

The Viewer that is build into Anoto Live Forms does its job in some cases, but far from all. It is advanced and works good, but it is not customisable and it still is in Flash. We are also aware that for these reasons many of you have been building custom ways of validating data, custom viewers …|By Gustaf Byström

Yes we are happy in our new office!

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Most applications can be moved and hosted in AWS and usually a move to the cloud is easier than you expect. None of our 40+ servers are “physical” anymore.…/…/15/6-key-considerations-migrating-aws/

Every day, more and more organizations take the plunge and migrate to the Amazon Web Services public cloud. What they leave behind is the cumbersomeness of the traditional data center, but despite the cloud’s benefits in scalability, agility and efficiency, they discover a new set of challenges that…|By Asaf Yigal

Read more about our successful proof of concept trial running at a Thai hospital.

In our employee owned Research and Develop project are we today starting to build a Telegram bot in NodeJS that we deploy with Docker and AWS Container Service. All technologies are new to us that we are interested to learn more about.

Really easy mapping

The Pendata team packed up and moved to work in a new inspiring environment at Oneday l Pause and Forward!

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At Pendata we look up to Dr Vogels and Amazon and work with and try to work like them.…/aws-executive-insights-scu-innov…/

The Pendata Team attended a AWS meeting up last week in Bangkok. Any AWS meet up is worth attending even if it is just for the catering. This round of the Executive Insights Tour in South East Asia featured guest speaker Dr Werner Vogels, tech visionary, AWS CTO and VP, and entertaining public speak…

Our CEO Tom (the only one in this company that wears a shirt) wrote an interesting article about handwriting today.

Make sure to watch the video linked in the article as well!…/handwriting-is-dead-long-live-ha…/

When the late co-founder and Apple CEO Steve Jobs went on the record with his opinion on the Stylus it was pretty clear he was not a fan. When asked if the iPad would ever use one, his response was in the context of his competitors’ products: “If you see a stylus, they blew it.” To be …

Pendata Asia inspiration day

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