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We are always on the look out for good people, including recent grads / junior dev experience, to join our small but expanding team.

We are committed to building a team of people who like working on a variety of different projects, while laterally finding solutions to complex development problems. We are working with local and international clients.

Work environment is everything

Our workplace culture is fun, focused and committed to client satisfaction, within an agile environment.


Team roles are based in Bangkok in an inspiring office in Bangkok. Along with a competitive negotiable salary and regular performance based reviews, we offer improvement opportunities such as learning English and regular internal training.

Training, workshops and seminars

We regularly attend seminars, workshops, conferences and other related events. We want to keep up to date with the latest news and it also another good reason for the team to get out and do something together.


Research and development

We love to learn so we are constantly testing and evaluating new technologies. We allow a lot of time to find and learn the right implementation for our solutions.

Learn and be part of decisions about running a startup from ground and up. In our Research and Develop sessions everybody has a say of what the next steps of this product should be and what technologies to use. Here is where we normally try new things we are interested to test.

Fun is key

Most important in the end is that we are having fun and like each other and do what we do. We organise team events as company trips and other team events. If we don’t enjoy our workplace and each other the work will suffer.

Pendata will be able to offer golf lessons within 2-3 weeks!

Posted by Pendata on Monday, 27 July 2015

Pendata golf sessions!

Have you ever wanted to learn wakeboarding?

We also try to do working holidays like last November when we went to Bali for a month together.

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