With more than 10 years of experience, Anoto provides easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable, and durable digital pens for an array of purposes and environments.

Anoto Live Pen 2

Anoto Digital Pens write and feel like traditional pens, but capture everything you write as digital data in real time.

From paper to computer screens, tablets to walls, Anoto has pen tips that suit any surface equipped with our Microdot Pattern.

Pens record pressure and absolute time, combining all information for ultimate accuracy and world-class handwriting recognition.

Technology and a centuries old process like ink on paper may seem unlikely companions in a digital workflow. However for certain situations, not only is wet ink on paper a better solution fit, it is the only option. From the practical, time saving individual solutions like personal note taking (and text conversion) to the enterprise solution where a hard copy (with embedded wet ink input/signature) is required to complete a process, digital writing is a simple and effective solution.

Once the practicality of a sensible data capture solution is layered with the server side tools that make this process secure, scalable and integral, a digital writing solution deliverers where other data capture solutions are under credentialed.