Visualise and share data from Anoto Live Forms on a Map


Form submissions plotted on a Google Map!

This app is a fully functioning data visualisation tool for map based data using a Google Map user interface. The software is the current version of a mature Viewer product we have been using in client specific applications for some time. The solution is fully compatible with Anoto Live Forms.

This tool incorporates a user management module and database for storing data the app obtains via an API. The app can be connected with various data sources but works really well with Anoto Live Forms.  In it’s current version it is ready for deployment, or can be further developed as a deep integration or custom development layer for an existing data capture system.

screen shots of Pendata Asia Mapping Tool

Screen shots of Pendata Mapping Tool

How it could be used

As a base layer within an existing system, this app is perfect for plotting Anoto Live Form submissions on a Google Map. For example, a field audit project may require that images and key data is captured via a form and the responses pinned to a map. The progress of the project can be shared with other project participants (via the permissions based user roles). Data consumers could download CSV data, images or rendered PDF documents from the source site documentation.

Uses are endless. As we all know however, Anoto Live Forms usually needs to be integrated to another solution to be really useful. This solution does the integration for you and takes the work out of configuring your server to talk to another data visualisations and sharing application.


While Anoto Life Forms should not be used as a data or document management system, it plays an important role is getting data to a repository or end user. Our application allows Anoto Life Forms to send documents and accompanying data to database outside of the Anoto Life Forms environment. This means downstream data consumers do not need to have viewer access to Anoto Live Forms to view workflow or application submissions.

Support and deployment

We provide this solution on a hosted, supported SAAS basis. Our typical structure is seat license plus cost per user (based on the users who have access to the application). We are continually developing the application and adding in new and useful tools as they become available. As a licensed user you can tell us what you want to see in future releases, and of course our releases will always keep up to date with Anoto Live Forms version upgrades (meaning you don’t have to!).