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Field Based Data Capture Systems

The old adage ‘crap in crap out’ in many ways defines the key requirements of optimised Field Based Data Capture Systems. Despite this, following the upgrade of a legacy ‘offline’ system to a connected or digital process, the effectiveness of the system is often blamed on the technological capability and/or the ability of the end user to use the technology process successfully. Rather than looking to connected data capture solutions as the fix all to this process it may be the answer lies in history. 

As early as the 1900’s the choice between automation, or manual input where two very clear alternatives in collecting and collating structured and unstructured data from Field Based Data Capture Systems.

The image above (courtesy of the Florida Historic Archives), show a Field Based Data Capture System from the 1940’s. I don’t know a lot about the 1940’s but i guess the field based data collection agent ticked boxed with a weird stylus like device (lets call it a ‘pencil’). Those cards where then used to update a mainframe computer database back in an office.

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