As the most widely used digital writing platform globally, Anoto Live Forms provides a simple web-based platform that enables the set up, completion and output in digital format of business forms and documents.

Leveraging industry-leading MyScript handwriting recognition technology, handwritten input is captured and converted to digital text at the point of entry on either tablet/smartphone screens or normal paper via a digital/smart pen.

We work exclusively with the Anoto Live Forms Digital Writing Platform, (incorporating the Anoto Live Pen, Neo 2 Smartpen for Anoto Live Forms, and Expe-Data Natural Forms tablet data capture application), to build value adding, easy to use solutions. As a Anoto Live Forms specialist, we offer other Global Partners and their clients access to our best in class design development and hosting solutions, in a range of flexible options.

Pendata draws on the shared knowledge of a vast, global partner network, we have a product and solution to suit any environmental challenge.We would love to share this with you – contact us today for a chat about your project!