Pendata on tour, KL edition.

Pendata team AWS Summit Kuala Lumpur

We have written about our fanatical love for AWS in here and here before. The AWS events are always amazingly well organised, executed and inspiring to visit. When this years AWS Summit events are running in South East Asia we just had to go. We decided to go to the one in Kuala Lumpur as it is the closest one and it came best in time for us.

To make it a bit more than just fly back and fourth to visit the conference Pendata decided to make this a staff trip combing work and pleasure for its employees. I also thought it would be good as we have a new team member, Wiriya, that just started working with us.

There is a daily sleeper train that runs from Bangkok to Butterworth (Malaysia) that takes 22 hours that I have taken before which I know is an experience. I introduced the idea of taking this train to team and we agreed the this would be fun, From Butterworth is it another 5 hours with bus to Kuala Lumpur.

Bangkok to Malaysia train Bangkok to Malaysia train

A little bit tired we arrived on Monday the night before the AWS Event on Tuesday. We checked in to the hotel and went out for a bit of food seeing a bit of Kuala Lumpur’s quite scarce night life. The food is great though.

KL hotel Food Jalan Alor

We are already heavy users of AWS and know many of their services very well, especially them involved running web apps, so I knew that quite a lot at the event wouldn’t be to basic to us. The more advanced sessions and some of the developer demo sessions was very interesting though. Also, not to forget, my idol and someone I look up to, CTO Werner Vogels Keynote.

Dr Werner Vogels

Many of the events are, naturally, about bringing servers/datacenters to the cloud and about hybrid solutions. This is pretty cool, but this doesn’t really relate to us as we are 100% in the cloud with AWS already.

AWS Summit Kuala Lumpur schedule Pendata team at AWS Summit Kuala Lumpur

Personally I am very interested in the new(ish) and rapidly growing serverless event driven infrastructure utilising AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs code in response to events. I think I will come back to this in a later blog post where I have plans of rebuilding one of our partner companies load balanced services of handling large amounts of images completely with a infrastructure like this.

After the event we did half a day of sightseeing and went up in the Petronas Twin Towers with a stunning view from 370 meters above ground.

Petrones Twin Towers 2 Petrones Twin Towers 1

I am writing this at the airport after a few very good, fun and inspiring days. Both to come back with new ideas to continue working with cutting edge technologies and also that the team got to spend a few days together and have fun. Thank you team Pendata, Peerachat, Natsathorn and Wiriya!

If you are interested more in what we are doing, please drop me an email or visit us at Oneday Forward coworking space in Phrom Phong.

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