Pendata Labs

Pendata Asia Labs
Pendata Labs is the custom development and support division of Pendata.

Our core values are:

  1. Continuous learning and improvements
  2. Commitment to Agile scrum based workflow conducted in accountable responsive sprint cycles
  3. Best practice work environment with strong focus on investment and growth in human capital

Our dedicated in house team are champions of lean and agile development techniques conducted using best practice software development principals. Our core expertise includes:

  • Python/Ruby/PHP/HTML5/CSS/jQuery, etc.,
  • MOBILE (iOS/Android),
  • Unix/Linux Server Management,
  • DATABASES and rapid development tools
  • Extensive experience with the Anoto Digital Writing Platform
  • Specialist Amazon Web Services products and environments.

The Team is engaged to complete custom / contract development projects for Pendata, and associated clients. Our recent projects include cloud hosted B2B/C platforms, deep and complex integrations between Anoto Live Forms and enterprise servers and customised extensions of the core tools used in digital writing solutions.

With such a strong combination of technological and creative thinking, invariably the Team spends a good amount of time thinking about how things could be done better. And trying out the results of this thinking in different projects. The best of these evolve into our own commercial or client based projects.

Pendata Labs provides project specs and instruction on how these projects can be used with your digital writing solution, or business case. For the most part these projects are working prototypes – all that is missing is the end users to commercially support them.

If you’d like to work together in commercially deploying projects, or licensing an existing project into your workflow, please get in touch and let us know. Equally if you are looking for a development partner with the skills and experience to bring a project which has DPP as a major component to market get in touch.