As Thailand has three seasons, “Hot Hotter and Hottest” (and right now we are in the “Hotter” season) we are also pleased to offer a special new customer incentive:

“The Hottest Season Hot Promotion: 20% off standard hourly rate for your first project”.

This offer is valid for first time customers, who commence a new project with us in between 1st may 2017 and 30 the June 2017. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Pendata brings together a team of specialists who have the in-depth knowledge required to get the most out of the Formidable product.

The Pendata Development Team is headed by Gustaf Byström who has a background developing the Formidable platform while working with the product owner XMS Penvision. While we are aware that Formidable is generally not used to the extent that it was designed to optimally perform at, we help knowledge of how Formidable works and what it is capable of that you can’t find anywhere else .

We can help you bring out the power of Formidable with

  1. Installations and custom integrations
  2. Advanced custom event handlers and resources built specifically for your specific needs
  3. Data washing through our Bureau Services – to ensure a 100% accurate validation for specific data transfer solutions.
  4. Building intuitive, well-designed stable solutions that work

Pendata takes pride in delivering a service that our customers like and feel comfortable using, and sharing with their customers.

As a value added reseller we understand the important relationship our clients have with their end users. Today we work with satisfied customers in many different countries across the globe and look forward to discussing how we can work with you.