Partner Services

Pendata brings together a specialist team of who have an in-depth knowledge of how to get the most the Anoto Live Forms product. The Pendata Development Team is headed by Gustaf Byström who has a background developing the Anoto Live Forms platform while working with the product owner XMS Penvision.

This means that we have in depth knowledge of how Anoto Live Forms works and what it is capable of that you can’t find anywhere else. We also know that Anoto Live Forms is generally not used to the extent that it was designed to optimally perform at.

We can help you bring out the power of Anoto Live Forms with:

Hosting Packages

Take the headache out of Server Management. Pendata offers a range of hosting packages and support services utilising the best in class products provided by our friends at Amazon Web Services. Have a look to find a package that suits you here – or contact us for a custom solution!

Application Design

Anoto Live Forms app is the client software that is used to send the digital pen data from paper forms into Anoto Live Forms. The Anoto Live Forms clients are tightly integrated and allows for two-way communication. The app is available for iOS and Andorid phones and tablets as well as Windows PC.

Server Administration

Pendata understands the hosting requirements of your Anoto Live Forms server. We can quickly and efficiently set you up with servers on Amazon and handle all setup required. Pendata recommends Amazon for a best in class, reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”.

Pendata understands that for some organisations, data integrity or location based requirements prevent the use of cloud hosted solutions. For these environments we can help set up and administer a server at your premises or with a another hosting center. Please contact us for more information.


Once you have build the perfect form you want to know it works right! We offer a range of testing and QA services. These services can include testing of your own designed forms to ensure they have been optimally configured and designed with best practice protocols prior to deployment to Client environments. Additionally we can assist with debugging and quality assurance of specific development to ensure some version upgrades and releases to your customers.

Bureau Services

One of the most basic features of the Anoto Live Forms platform when used in conjunction with either a NEO or Anoto pen, is the ability to instantly transfer a document from a remote source to a endpoint via the Anoto Live Forms platform. Pendata offers a Bureau Service to partners where this data is intercepted, validated by our in house team and entered into the interpreted document before being sent to where it needs to go (error free!). We offer these services on either a price per document or hourly rate – contact us for specific information

Marketing Service

Pendata undertands the complexities of the digital writing process and can assist partners in conveying this in a variety of mediums and processes. Our Software Development team [link to /software development] can create and host sites, brochures, flyers or demo material required to position the USP of this unique technology.