Partner Program

Become a Pendata partner

We understand the specific challenges and risks associated with getting a digital writing solution to market.

We also know that one critical thing that can make a huge difference the correct set up and management of a demo/test server, and presenting a working product to your potential customers. Getting this help has been traditionally very hard, and expensive to do.

We think that new partners with great business development ideas and commercial applications should focus on selling their concept rather than reinventing the development wheel. Considerable hours of development effort and IP have gone into Pendata’s business activities and pooled product knowledge over the years we have been involved with digital writing. Talk is cheap! Sharing this resource with partners will add the value required to help turn talk and business ideas into action and business!

The sales pipeline for a pen and paper business case is long and complex. Assuming a quick, out of the box sale is either unlikely – or not a good fit. To support partners through this pipeline Pendata provides a 12 month fully supported environment to ensure your commercial ideas have the best likelihood of success. And once you are ready to get the proof of concept or working demo pens into the hands of your customers, our scalable per user run licenses mean that you only pay for licenses when you need them (based on a minimum 30 day commitment).

Our partner program comprises:

  • A deployed and fully supported AWS hosted demo server instance running Anoto Live Forms server and related user modules for testing and presenting potential business cases to your prospects
  • Support and assistance to use this product to a point of confidence
  • Assistance with designing and deploying basic applications for sales purposes
  • Access to our custom expert designed Proof of Concept repository of .dpp file resources
  • Template ppt presentation templates
  • Access to a FAQ / documentation repository along with the latest fixes and upgrades issued by product manufacturers (and deployed by us)
  • An online chat and agreed response time support ticketing system
  • Remote assistance with product licensing and client (application) support
  • Discounted Proof of concept Custom Development resources via Partner Products
  • Regular conference calls within our partner network to share ideas and sales strategies
  • Rental (on a per user per month basis) of the required run licenses to support pens that you may need for business case Proof of Concept trials and general sales presentation purposes.
  • Discounted managed hosting for business cases that progress to live

And we offer all of this for USD$3,000.00 per 12 month period.

As our resources are limited and we offer a high degree of contact per partner we have a limited number of packages available. To get our team working with you let’s discuss how we can help you succeed. Please contact to set up a time for  call.