Health Care

Healthcare providers around the world agree that quality patient care is their top priority, and capturing patient data digitally is critical to improving patient care.

Today, most healthcare processes are still paper-based. Many healthcare providers are concerned about the risk of inaccuracy, disruption of workflow, and harm to patient care quality involved in adopting new and complicated data-capture tools like laptops or tablet PCs.

Pendata can deliver, or assist in the deployment of a Digital Writing Solution that Increase Accuracy & Quality of Care. When it comes to patient care, nothing can be missed. The high-precision digital camera in every Anoto Digital Pen ensures that all data is captured.

The key value drivers a digital writing solution within a Health Vertical delivers are

Minimal Training & Workflow Interruption: 

Because digital writing uses the familiar practice of paper and pen, it requires little training and is easy for anyone to learn, allowing for easy integration into your current system.

Decrease Time & Paperwork

Digital writing allows you to easily organize and verify patient information and data, decreasing administrative paperwork and time.