Exciting News: Pendata

Pendata Office Bangkok

Introducing Pendata!

Hello XMS Partner,
There have been some exciting new developments here in Bangkok!

Tom Richter and Gustaf Bystrom have joined forces to launch Pendata !

Since starting Formidable Services almost two years ago, Gustaf has focused on helping value added resellers of the Anoto Live Forms platform get the most out of this unique product.

During that time, Tom has focused on selling the solution to end users in Australia. Together we have worked on effective solutions for end users and have now created a unique development and support service to XMS Partners – Pendata.

Pendata Office Bangkok

Pendata can help offer everything a partner needs to succeed with a digital writing solution:

  • Form Design
  • setting up and / or managing a to make your Forms perform multiple events with ease
  • We even offer a Bureau Service to wash and validate data before it is pushed to where it needs to go

Pendata understands the two primary challenges the Anoto Live Forms solution provides: technical Know How and Cost of Development/Delivery. Pendata specialises in solving both of these issues.

Pendata is excited to meet you and our Team is standing by to ensure you meet your business goals.

Tom will be in contact to discuss any immediate or short/long term goals you may have. In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us.


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