The digital writing process is widely used across the world, by organisations health care, financial services, public sector, trades and services, facilities management and educational environments.


Anywhere containing repetitive, time critical, compliance heavy processes currently using hybrid offline and online systems see almost immediate returns on productivity, efficiency and staff motivation.

The digital writing process is for the most part, a data capture solution, that converts the process of digital writing or drawing into digital data.

The applications of this process can be broadly broken into Enterprise solutions for business applications, and Creative Applications. Creative solutions focus on the use of the pen and dot pattern solution to make surfaces such as walls, table tops, or shared documents interactive (and smart) data capture surfaces. In addition, Anoto dedicates and entire solutions devision to the provision of services for creative applications.

Pendata is specifically involved with the provision of Enterprise solutions. Typically this is ‘forms’ based workflow, however it can include the use of the digital writing process in areas as diverse as Biometric Signature Capture and validation to time and attendance / remote field audit solutions (such as signing a box on a site audit sheet).

Whatever the solution, the pen and paper is best suited to deployments that include some or all of the following situational requirements:

  • low end user training requirements
  • requirement to leave a hard copy of the original signed document with the data creator
  • low cost stable technology based solution
  • ability to run a hybrid solution of natural input data capture with back end digital integration
  • ability to apply data credibility tools to a natural input workflow
  • requirement to digitise part of an existing solution without removing legacy pen and paper process

There are a multitude of other reasons in addition to this. However, almost universally the solutions of best fit involve the ability deeply integrate the Anoto Live Forms Platform with an existing software API. In these scenarios, the Anoto platform can add almost immediate value to an existing solution.