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The Viewer that is build into Anoto Live Forms does its job in some cases, but far from all. It is advanced and works good, but it is not customisable and it still is in Flash. We are also aware that for these reasons many of you have been building custom ways of validating data, custom viewers basically.

We have built a few of our own and we have also integrated into other systems for this reason. I thought I told you a little bit about our latest integration we have build for the medical vertical. This is a very interesting case for us however as it is still BETA / early stage, I cannot give you specific info on the case participants – yet!

One of the scenarios is very simple and straight forward, a patient walks into a clinic and fills out a registration form. This form is submitted, but it is not validated in the Viewer. It is validated in our custom built html validation tool. This tool we have deep integrated into the software tool these clinics already use. They have a little widget sitting at the side of their screen where the unvalidated documents show up, they click on a document and it opens up and is quickly validated.


Our validating tool is very simple, for you who know how Anoto Live Forms works, we are creating cutouts for all fields to be validated from the ink PDF, tag them and upload them to a cloud storage. When a user loads a document we fetch the data from the Anoto Live Forms server and the image is linked from the cloud.



When the data is validated we update (or create new) the record in the clinic software, fetch a PDF and attach it and finally delete the document and all records of the cutout images. By doing it this way we can handle all processing off site in the cloud and benefit from all the good aspects of using the cloud.

We have heavily extended the existing RestAPI in Anoto Live Forms. It basically only supported incoming data before, but now we have added functionality to fetch data that way as well. We are discussing with Anoto how we best get this functionality into Anoto Live Forms core as it will benefit us all in the future and that we don’t have to rely on the old Viewer backend.

We will open source all of our solutions as soon as we get time, but if you are interested in this right now, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

In a future blog post I will talk about how we use Anoto Live Forms with load balancing and auto scaling in this project. This way we are able to cost optimise server usage and we never rely on only one server being available.

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