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AWS Executive Insights SCB Innovation Centre Bangkok

The Pendata Team attended a AWS meeting up last week in Bangkok. Any AWS meet up is worth attending even if it is just for the catering. This round of the Executive Insights Tour in South East Asia presented by Richard Harshman, Head of ASEAN, Amazon Web Services, featured guest speaker Dr Werner Vogels, tech visionary, AWS CTO and VP, and entertaining public speaker  

The AWS Summit 2015 Executive Insights Session is designed to provide technology leaders with an invitation only forum to learn how customers utilise cloud-based technologies to fuel growth, increase agility and truly innovate. The AWS Summit 2015 Executive Insights Session is an opportunity to gain exclusive insights from AWS customers and executives as well as network with your peers.

Pendata is a big fan of AWS. We love the scalability, reliability and economy of using AWS products. Our key product offering to partners is delivered via a AWS hosted server!

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Handwriting is dead – long live handwriting!

When the late co-founder and Apple CEO Steve Jobs went on the record with his opinion on the Stylus it was pretty clear he was not a fan. When asked if the iPad would ever use one, his response was in the context of his competitors’ products:

“If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

To be fair, that was 2010, and the type of device Jobs was referring to was probably not smart devices like the Live Pen 2 or the Livescribe / Moleskin notebook bundle (below).

However, the discussion around why you would capture data using any kind of input device (fingernail, sharpened toothpick, stylus or even a carrot – as demo’d by Lenovo at CES 2015 ) on a glass surface seemed more about natural input being a redundant technique as much as it was about the stylus being a step back in time to the Palm PDA days.

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Anoto acquires Livescribe

Consolidation in the Digital Writing Space continues with the recent announcement of Anoto’s acquisition of long time partner Livescribe.

Livescribe was an early mover in the everyday application of digital writing. The Livescribe product range has been very popular with students and over it’s lifespan has a maintained a very high brand awareness in the consumer marketplace.

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Are you using POC’s to really sell your concept?

Hi again and thanking for taking the time to read this post.

This month I want to share an interesting convergent Formidable Platform proof of concept case we completed utilizing a LP2 pen, digital paper and an instant messaging chat app!

This business case required the ability for end users to complete a form based response, and submit this information via a Bluetooth connection back to Formidable. Formidable would the push the aggregated responses into a database. Pretty simple stuff. However, the twist in this case was the client needed the opportunity to engage with the end user in the event additional information was required.

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