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Pendata team AWS Summit Kuala Lumpur

Pendata on tour, KL edition.

We have written about our fanatical love for AWS in here and here before. The AWS events are always amazingly well organised, executed and inspiring to visit. When this years AWS Summit events are running in South East Asia we just had to go. We decided to go to the one in Kuala Lumpur as it is the closest one and it came best in time for us.

To make it a bit more than just fly back and fourth to visit the conference Pendata decided to make this a staff trip combing work and pleasure for its employees. I also thought it would be good as we have a new team member, Wiriya, that just started working with us.

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new year

16 years on and still the power to capture it all

In 2000, ALMAR LATOUR Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal ran a short Technology piece, on emerging Bluetooth enabled devices. Amongst the products featured, was the brand new Anoto digital pen:

Magic? No, it’s the Anoto, a new pen that automatically synchronizes everything it writes and can send the things it registers as an e-mail, short message or fax — if used on paper with a special pattern printed on it.

“We’re bringing pen and paper into the electronic age,” says Mr. Fahraeus, who invented the pen and is the founder of the pen’s namesake high-tech wireless company, which is a subsidiary of C-Technologies AB. “It’s a renaissance.”

While some may say the 15 years that followed delivered very tiny incremental advances to the core product offering described above, there has been a recent refocus of the Anoto Group’s direction, based around a hybrid requirement of filling the gap between analogue writing and the digital data capture process. This direction is captured by Anoto’s positioning statement as ‘The Power to Capture it all”

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Custom integrated viewers

The Viewer that is build into Anoto Live Forms does its job in some cases, but far from all. It is advanced and works good, but it is not customisable and it still is in Flash. We are also aware that for these reasons many of you have been building custom ways of validating data, custom viewers basically.

We have built a few of our own and we have also integrated into other systems for this reason. I thought I told you a little bit about our latest integration we have build for the medical vertical. This is a very interesting case for us however as it is still BETA / early stage, I cannot give you specific info on the case participants – yet!

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Anoto vertical consolidation continues

2016 has got off to a cracking start for Anoto with downstream acquisitions continuing at pace:

Anoto Group AB, announced (8th February 2016) that it has entered agreements to acquire three companies, We-Inspire, Pen Generations, and Destiny Wireless. These acquisitions provide Anoto with strategic growth opportunities in European and Asian markets, as well as enhanced product development capabilities in both hardware and software

According to Anoto CEO Stein Revelsby, the recent acquisition of Livescribe, was just the start. Through 2016 the business will continue it’s strategy to “further expand our other business pillars that include solutions across Documents and Data Capture, Business Collaboration, Creative and Learning, combining to form a platform that realizes true multi-surface digital writing and drawing in a collaborative environment”

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