Financial Services


Digital Writing for Accuracy and Efficiency

Increasingly banks, financial practitioners and insurance companies around the world are using digital writing technology in their daily practices.

Digital writing is revolutionising this compliance and regulatory heavy industry by speeding the time to get documents processed and approved, reducing the administrative and regulatory requirements of agents, and integrating the on boarding process through deep integration of digital paper into existing processes.

financial services workflow infographic

Pendata can help with custom form design or deep two way integration between back-office financial modelling, planning and CRM software and the middle layer Pendata digital writing software.

While the ability to leave behind a wet ink, hard copy document with the client while simultaneously creating a digital equivalent document delivers a unique opportunity for the moment of deployment, the broader value relates to data integrity surrounding the inbuilt user intelligence, digital breadcrumbs resulting from using unique paperwork, and the significantly reduced administrative costs per completed document that can result from partially off shoring the data handling washing, and final client document population process.

Contact us to discuss how we can set up a carefully managed 12 week proof of concept program to demonstrate the true returns within your workflow or client environment.