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The Pendata Team attended a AWS meeting up last week in Bangkok. Any AWS meet up is worth attending even if it is just for the catering. This round of the Executive Insights Tour in South East Asia presented by Richard Harshman, Head of ASEAN, Amazon Web Services, featured guest speaker Dr Werner Vogels, tech visionary, AWS CTO and VP, and entertaining public speaker  

The AWS Summit 2015 Executive Insights Session is designed to provide technology leaders with an invitation only forum to learn how customers utilise cloud-based technologies to fuel growth, increase agility and truly innovate. The AWS Summit 2015 Executive Insights Session is an opportunity to gain exclusive insights from AWS customers and executives as well as network with your peers.

Pendata is a big fan of AWS. We love the scalability, reliability and economy of using AWS products. Our key product offering to partners is delivered via a AWS hosted server!

So on that basis alone we are always interested to meet up with the AWS team and hear direct from them about product developed and insight. What made this meet up especially interesting was the appearance of CTO Dr Wener Vogels. A true global innovator in cloud technology, Dr Werner is generally regarded as one of the world’s top experts on ultra-scalable systems.

He is also one of the key architects behind Amazon’s approach to cloud services “Amazon Web Services”.

The event was organised in panel format – with a number of interesting Bangkok based businesses who, like Pendata are also using AWS products to innovate their business model, and service offering. The panel consisted of Dr Werner, who was joined by Goragot Wongpaisarnsin, (Assistant General Manager, Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd), Tana Pothikamjorn, (Head of Digital Banking, Siam Commercial Bank), Bernie Tay, (COO, Eko Communications) and Ezra Don (Donnie) Harinsut (COO, OMISE Co.Ltd).

We were pleased to see Donnie from Omise on the stage as a panelist. Omise is our payment gateway provider – we have recently integrated this API into our site. It was great to hear Donnie talk about Omise’s innovative approach to collecting e-commerce payments in Bangkok.

Other attendees included the guys from Stamp a Bangkok based start up working with retail loyalty systems. Following a spectacular entrance on a electric self balancing scooter, we also heard a presentation from Dr. Koson Sapprasert, Head of Innovation, Siam Commercial Bank PCL. SCB is our banking partner, and the SCB Innovation Team hosted the event. Technological innovation is taken for granted in many economies. It was interesting to hear a passionate enthusiast such as Dr Koson outlining his vision for not only improving SCB as a tech enabled workplace, but the positive impact this would have on the macro economy.

The products and services offered by AWS are either being used, or considered for use by those attending the meet up. But what really got the audience thinking was discussion by Dr Werner on the way Amazon maintains an innovative business culture.

As an employer of over 150,000 employees, maintaining a connection with start up culture is critical to Amazon’s survival. Innovating with product’s like one hour online order delivery, and Prime Air (the recently unveiled Drone Delivery Project) has to backed by a culture that nurtures that kind of thinking. prime-air_01The AWS culture of thinking in a way that rewards taking chancees, and gut feel, over long drawn out planning and over analysis paralysis is very similar to how a start up thinks. And with 75% of the S&P predicted to be made up by new businesses by 2020, there must some merit in this as a way to bring successful new products and services to market.

Overall the key take out from the session ended up being a very simple concept. Even through it’s exponential growth in revenue and size, AWS has maintained an easy to follow principal in keeping it’s decision making agile.

Product teams can be no larger than the amount of people it takes to eat two pizzas! For a Company that has built it’s entire success on technology this is a pretty basic but effective concept that no-one could say they didn’t understand!




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