Author: Gustaf Byström

CTO in a tree

Good CTO’s don’t grow on trees…..or do they?

The agile methodology is a cornerstone value of the Pendata business. In October this year, we completed a corporate restructuring, to give the development and R&D tasks an identity separate from the digital pen and product sales function, within the Pendata business. The results was Pendata Labs – a stand alone core R&D team built on the agile vision of teamwork as the essential ingredient in delivering great software within a great team.

To mark this event as a significant and historic milestone within the evolution of the Pendata Dev Team, CTO Gustaf packed up the MacBooks and surfboard, and relocated to Indonesia for a month of working away from home, Balinese style! With tools like JIRA, Slack and AWS, development continuity and process was the easy bit – the way the team responded to working away from home for a month, and the effect that had on the agile workflow, is the subject of this post from the Chief Travelling Officer.

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Pendata team AWS Summit Kuala Lumpur

Pendata on tour, KL edition.

We have written about our fanatical love for AWS in here and here before. The AWS events are always amazingly well organised, executed and inspiring to visit. When this years AWS Summit events are running in South East Asia we just had to go. We decided to go to the one in Kuala Lumpur as it is the closest one and it came best in time for us.

To make it a bit more than just fly back and fourth to visit the conference Pendata decided to make this a staff trip combing work and pleasure for its employees. I also thought it would be good as we have a new team member, Wiriya, that just started working with us.

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Custom integrated viewers

The Viewer that is build into Anoto Live Forms does its job in some cases, but far from all. It is advanced and works good, but it is not customisable and it still is in Flash. We are also aware that for these reasons many of you have been building custom ways of validating data, custom viewers basically.

We have built a few of our own and we have also integrated into other systems for this reason. I thought I told you a little bit about our latest integration we have build for the medical vertical. This is a very interesting case for us however as it is still BETA / early stage, I cannot give you specific info on the case participants – yet!

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Who’s afraid of Text Validation?

Have you been sitting with a potential client demoing a form and the handwriting recognition fails? This moment is by far the easiest time to sell digital writing to someone and it might be your last chance!!  

There are a number of ways you can optimize your demo forms prior to getting in front of a prospect. As with all good things preparation is everything. Here are a few tips to use to get the Validation ball back in your court.

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