Are you using POC's to really sell your concept?

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This month I want to share an interesting convergent Formidable Platform proof of concept case we completed utilizing a LP2 pen, digital paper and an instant messaging chat app!

This business case required the ability for end users to complete a form based response, and submit this information via a Bluetooth connection back to Formidable. Formidable would the push the aggregated responses into a database. Pretty simple stuff. However, the twist in this case was the client needed the opportunity to engage with the end user in the event additional information was required.

The Pendata team looked at two live chat apps – Olark and Live Chat. Both had great API’s but the decision as made to use Live Chat due to the ease with which it could be integrated. The end user insight tools were also very powerful when combined with the API received form data.

The deployment process was really simple. Pendata designed the forms in Formidable, set up a demo integration to the database using XML export, built a simple integration between Formidable and the Live Chat API and enabled users the option to write their mobile phone numbers into the form on submission.

feedback loop process design

At the point the form was submitted, if the end user had completed a valid mobile phone number, they would receive a SMS with a link to a live chat session. When the user initiated the chat, the Agent could view the form completed by the user (via the Formidable Platform) and speak with authority and about the issues the End User wanted to discuss.

Formidable on it’s own is a very powerful tool, and digital writing is a unique value driver in many specific cases. When these two propositions are bundled with best in class applications such as Live Chat the overall solution is unique, scalable and super fats to deploy.

We can help you with your own Proof of Concept project, or provide advice on integration and optimization of your Formidable service.

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