Using Anoto Live Forms with Zapier


Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps.

What is Zapier?

Pendata has built a Zapier app for Anoto Live Forms. Zapier is a library of web apps that can connect to each other seamlessly. You can for example automatically create a Dropbox file from an email or you can create a note in Evernote with a date that automatically syncs to your Google Calendar. Zapier calls two combined apps for a Zap.

Anoto Live Forms app for Zapier

This first beta of Anoto Live Forms Zapier app will regularly check your Anoto Live Forms server for new submitted documents for a particular form and perform an action out of that. We will offer this integration at no charge so contact us for an invitation (we can’t release it publicly until it has been verified)

Example Zaps


Anoto Live Forms and Salesforce

We created a sample form that updates entries in Salesforce on submit. This could be helpful when you are wanting to remotely update your Saleforce CRM with a specific application used by a customer.

Highrise HQ

Anoto Live Forms and Highrise

We use Highrise as a client and project management CRM. This Zap is great for meetings and freeform note taking when conducting client meetings. We use a basic template form that we take to client meetings – when we submit the form the Zap will attach a note to specified contact. The notes are not exported until we verify receiving client on a mobile device or in the Viewer so you always know the notes will end up with the right Client File in Highrise HQ. Once imported you can also do your validation within the note – or add additional info to it.

Other combinations

There are as many combinations as there are apps available in the Zapier library. It would be possible to create notes in Evernote, create files in Dropbox, create calendar events and many many more.

Implementation update Feb 2017

The Anoto Live Forms api has now been extended to enable the Zapier integration to work. Please contact us if you would like to use the Zapier app to effortlessly connect ALF to other applications (no code required!).