Anoto Live Forms with Nation Builder

Nation Builder

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What is Nation Builder?

Nation Builder is a software application for organising communities. It offers tools to easy create websites and communicate with supporters. NationBuilder provides users with time critical highly visible data. This includes website updates, Twitter, Facebook pages, events, donations, or any other relevant activity happening that users should care about. This activity stream provides field organisers, finance directors, social media managers etc a “real time” view of activity.

To further enhance the real time data visibility features of Nation Builder we built an integration to enable field organisers the option to export lists of supporters then by using pre filled out Fully Dynamic Forms create walk lists.

These lists are then dynamically printed with pattern and delivered to users that walk around neighbourhoods. Users are provided a digital pen and the data that they enter onto the walk lists is instantly visible within the Nation Builder database.

Screen Shot 2558-12-02 at 2.40.28 PM

When these forms are filled out and submitted we export the data back into Nation Builder and update related records.


This is a clever hybrid integration as it combines a low tech data capture solution with a best in class data management solution. The hybrid works particularly well in low / no training environments (such as volunteer scale ups) where the only existing option is to rekey data that is captured by volunteers using conventional pen and paper. As data gathering activities associated with elections are time critical, and Nation Builder is a ‘now’ Platform this hybrid method of getting field data back to the app instantly is a great way of adding value to project data collection.