Anoto Live Forms Live Chat

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Anoto Live Forms Live Chat

What is Live Chat?

Pendata has built an extremely useful Live Chat integration for Anoto Live Forms.

Live Chat is an app which provides business with a website the tools to communicate with its customers. LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are expensive and for e-mails, which tend to be slow. The Live Chat App provides a range of cool features and resources such as unique greetings and powerful reporting to aide day-to-day business activities.

Over 12,000 happy customers rely on LiveChat in their everyday duties. We have built this app to provide a bridge between offline process (for example filling in a form) and the need to create an immediate Live Chat sequence with a Custom Service Agent.

How does it work?

This first beta of Anoto Live Forms / Live Chat works by responding to a action request on a form. A customer may check a box that says ‘More Info Required’ for example. Once this event is received by the ALF server, a chat sequence is initiated through the Live chat API and the sender of the request receives a hyperlink to a chat session on their device. The Agent can be copied on the user submitted document and complete the chat session with full insight into the user form.

Example: Customer Contact

A customer may be completing a credit application form / document that requires specific questions to be answered but needs more help with the responses. Checking the “get in touch” box on the form allows a Agent to provide the required info to the user without losing the contact with them.

Infographic and deployment examples

You will need a Live Chat account to set this app up. The user initiating the chat needs to provide a phone number or email address to enable Live Chat to contact them with a hyperlink back to the chat session. This contact form should be validated by the user on a their device.

We wrote about this development in a recent Blog post

Custom projects

There range of possibilities to include this in current processes are endless. This tool would work best as part of a custom solution – which we can also design for you. Get in touch to discuss this further.