Anoto Live Forms and Teamdesk


A basic cloud hosted database integrated with Anoto Live Forms

While Anoto Life Forms should not be used as a data or document management system, it plays an important role is getting data to a repository or end user. This custom API allows the data collected in a Application to be populated back into a simple data table.

Aggregating responses from users into one data table takes the manual process out of rekeying data, and also allows for the passive generation of data over time. This is particularly useful in visualising data as charts, or preparing reports using pre determined data views.


We liked the simplicity of the Teamdesk product. While there are countless app products that allow SAAS based construction of hosted databases most deal with vertical specific solutions. Like ZohoTeamdesk starts with a blank canvas and allows you to build your own solution. However for a basic solution Teamdesk has a really well constructed API. This would allow for example, the deployment of a dynamic print solution to further integrate Teamdesk with Anoto Live Forms.

The Teamdesk process is based around importing existing Excel sheets, as a basic version while also providing you the flexibility you need without adding an extra level of complexity.

Start from one of the predefined database template or build your database from scratch. After that remove everything you don’t need and add the missing functionality. Adjust your database as your business grows.


The user module allows for the creation of different permissions based roles and access levels. Being cloud hosted data consumer and admin users can access data remotely, while data creators add to the database in real time from remote locations (via Anoto Live Forms)

Support and deployment

We designed our integration to repopulate data captured from a service sheet, back into the Teamdesk database. This solution enabled a service team to eliminate the necessity of rekeying data.


This step sped up the ability to get completed site audit responses back to base, and invoices sent to the client faster. Live data also provided for custom views, to provide business owners with greater insight into resource allocation and optimisation in real time.